The Devil’s in the Details

Spring and Easter. The time when thoughts turn to eggs.

And since it is springtime, and everyone is feeling frisky, thoughts jump right on over to deviled eggs.

I was making these staples for the first time this year. I figured, hey, it’s Easter, and since I’m not going to be dyeing any eggs, I should get creative with the insides. My friends at that night’s potluck dinner are usually willing guinea pigs.

So I whipped up three batches of filling. All started with the same yolk, Duke’s, salt, pepper, and garlic powder base. I went traditional with the first batch, simply added Dijon mustard.

A search of the fridge and pantry provided inspiration. Chopped fresh cilantro and a few generous shakes of green Tabasco made Eggs Diablo. Chopped mango chutney and curry powder created Indian style eggs.

The devil's in the details


The Indian eggs turned out fabulous, with a sweet, hot and exotic flavor.

Eggs Diablo were not so successful. The ingredients worked, but they needed more. Next time, they will get an addition of grated cheddar and salsa.

This is what experimentation is all about.

I’m trying hoison, anchovy paste and sesame oil for Eastern eggs next time…

Just in case you’ve forgotten how to make the perfect hard boiled egg:

Place eggs in a pot big enough not to crowd them. Pour in just enough cold water to cover the eggs.

On high heat, bring the eggs and water to rolling boil.

Immediately remove eggs from heat, cover pot and set timer for 12 minutes.

Empty out hot water.

Run cold water over eggs until pan is full.

Empty the cold water.

Fill pot again with cold water. Let eggs sit in cold water as you peel them.


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