Dessert that even a resolution can love

Three great reasons to eat better

Yep, I’ve joined the masses vowing to eat better in 2011, but that doesn’t mean, and will never mean, giving up sweets.

Who knew it would be Aldi that came to the rescue?

First let me say, I love this store because grocery shopping takes half the the time; you never know what kind of surprises they will have in the center aisle; no coupons; cereals without high fructose corn syrup; cheap and fresh fruits and vegetables.

And these sweets.

The dry, chewy gingerbread cookies are coated in semi-sweet chocolate. Double good whammy. You can eat six of them for 220 calories, and 4 grams of fat and get 12 percent of your daily iron.

And thrilled is not too strong a word for my reaction when I saw the raisin apple fruit crisps. For the past few years, every once in awhile, I would crave the old Sunshine Bakery raisin biscuits. Internet searches came up empty. Then, last month we walked in Aldi, and here was the kissing cousin! They come conveniently individually packaged in portion sizes that are 170 calories and 3 grams of fat. Nostalgic bliss – and these and the berry variety are fantastic with afternoon tea.

So, eating better just got better – at least until the cookies run out.



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