Busman’s holiday

Now, this is my idea of a classroom!

And it could be your classroom as well on your next trip to Charleston.

Maverick Southern Kitchens, which includes Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton, and the Old Village Post House in Mt. Pleasant, also has a fun kitchen porn store called Charleston Cooks! The demonstration kitchen is over in the corner, behind the bags of Carolina rice.

Touring Charleston is one of our favorite things. But when you can’t stand the heat anymore, get in the kitchen. The blissfully cool space offers both demonstrations and hands-on cooking classes.

Wouldn’t you want to try your hand at making Spanish tapas, shrimp and grits, or bacon-cheese popovers in the space below?

The participation classes are taught almost every day at 2 pm and 6:30 pm. And it’s not all la-dee-da girl stuff. What guy would pass up the class, Everybody Loves Bacon? You get to make the bacon popovers, fried shrimp po boys with bacon aoili, and peach parfaits with bacon crumble. Oh, yeah, and you get to eat them too. All for 60 bucks.

The kitchen also has week-long summer camp cooking classes for ages 8-12 and a teen Top Chef competition, where participants break into teams and everyone votes for the favorite.

If you’re feeling too lazy for that much work, sit back, sip a glass of wine and let a chef show you how to make Lowcountry cuisine.

It’s all good.

Check out class schedules and menus at www.charlestoncooks.com


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